My Journey From 80s GenXer to Scrunchy Empty-Nester

My Journey From 80s GenXer to Scrunchy Empty-Nester
Hey there! As a proud GenXer who came of age in the "rad" 80s, my journey has taken a cool turn from neon leg warmers to a scrunchy empty nester lifestyle. Buckle up for a trip down memory lane and join me in uncovering the eye-opening realization about the products we once embraced - along with all of their synthetic chemicals. Let's explore the small changes I'm making now, steering clear of chemicals, and the see downright awesome benefits I'm reaping.
Flashback to the 80s: Neon Nights and Chemical Delights

Ah, the 80s – a time of wild fashion, big hair, and chemical-laden products galore. From clouds of hairspray that could withstand hurricane-force winds to skincare routines filled with mysterious (sometimes neon bright) ingredients, we were living large, unaware of the potential downsides of our chemical-infused choices.

The Awakening: Recognizing the Chemical Conundrum

Fast forward to the present, when this empty nest phase opened my eyes to the environmental impact and health concerns associated with the products we once deemed essential. My friends and I are all suffering from the fallout: issues like hormone imbalances, allergies, cancers, skin conditions, sleep issues, lack of energy and libido, weight gain, and much, much more. As a newly scrunchy empty nester, I began questioning the toxins lurking in everyday items and started seeking cleaner alternatives.

Now, I'm not on a crusade to become perfectly crunchy - or to convince anyone else that they should be either! My journey is about taking realistic steps that are going to make a real difference in my overall wellness... I'm not silky, not crunchy, just nice and "scrunchy". Everything I share here is aimed at helping you take similar steps towards being the healthiest you can be! We're not looking for perfection, just something better than before. 

Small Changes, Big Impact

1. Natural Beauty Regimen: I bid farewell to chemical-infused beauty products and embraced natural alternatives. From coconut oil and tallow (I'm about to give making my own a go - I'll let you know how it turns out!) for moisturizing to DIY face masks using organic ingredients, this switch reduced my exposure to harmful substances. The shift to natural beauty products not only improved the health of my skin but also contributed to an overall sense of well-being. No more mysterious ingredients to decode – just pure, simple goodness.

2. Chemical-Free Cleaning: I tossed out my arsenal of harsh cleaning products and replaced them with eco-friendly, toxin-free options. Chemical-free cleaning not only helps the environment and wildlife, but also creates a safer living space for me and my family. No more worrying about inhaling harmful fumes or exposing my family and our sweet Goldendoodle, Honey, to unnecessary risks. Turns out, you can achieve a sparkling clean home without subjecting it to a chemical assault. Who knew? 

3. Organic Wardrobe Makeover: I am shifting towards a wardrobe filled with organic and sustainably-sourced clothing. Transitioning to an organic wardrobe (with materials such as cotton and bamboo) not only feels good against the skin but also aligns with a sustainable lifestyle.  Not to mention the reduction of chemically-treated fabrics against the skin... did you know that those chemicals can reach the bloodstream in a little as 26 seconds? Yikes!

4. Farm-to-Table Lifestyle: I have embraced a farm-to-table approach to eating, opting for organic, locally sourced produce whenever possible. We're choosing fewer and fewer processed foods every week. The result? A tastier, healthier menu that supports local farmers and reduces exposure to pesticides. Ask me about my husband's scary diagnosis if you want to hear my rant about glyphosate!

5. Mindful Home Decor: We swapped out the synthetic fragrances in scented candles and plug-ins for essential oils and are embracing natural fibers in home decor, transforming our home into a haven of tranquility. The natural scents not only elevate the ambiance but also contribute to a sense of mindfulness. It's amazing how a few small changes can transform your living space into a sanctuary free from unnecessary chemical overload. One thing that really motivated this change was learning about how much scented candles contribute to unhealthy indoor air pollution. Ditching my scented candles was a hard breakup, but no one needs a toxic relationship like that one!

The Crunchy Empty Nest Lifestyle: A Journey Worth Taking

So you see, my transition from an 80s GenXer to a scrunchy Empty Nester has been a transformative and ongoing journey. It's not about perfection (like AT ALL!) and it's not about totally leaving behind the values we grew up with, but about making small, intentional changes that align with a cleaner, healthier, and more mindful way of life. So, fellow time-travelers, whether you're a seasoned uber-crunchy enthusiast or just dipping your toes into the chemical-free waters, know that every eco-friendly choice counts. Here's to embracing the scrunchy empty nest lifestyle – where the only thing heavy is the groovy sense of well-being!

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