Hi, I'm AJ Flanagan and this is my story! 

 I help the empowered woman overcome overwhelm so she can thrive while living the low-tox life she loves without having to spend another hour wading through articles and researching on the internet. 


How did I get here? 

My story is probably similar to yours or to that of someone you know... maybe you're in a different stage of life, but I believe you will see yourself somewhere in my story.  

I am a married mother of three grown children. When our children were young, my husband and I made the decision to have me stay at home with our children. You see, he traveled extensively for work and we wanted our children to have the stability of having a parent at home caring for them when they weren't at school - they knew I would be there waiting to greet them. We had a routine that helped them feel secure and loved no matter what life outside the home threw their way. 

It was one of the best decisions we ever made. I was able to be involved in their school and activities in a way that would have been nearly impossible if I had been working outside of our home - even if my husband had not been out of town so much. We have no regrets with that decision. 

The one regret I do have is a common one that I could have done nothing to change: I wish I had known then what I know now. As our children grew, they experienced many of the same health issues all children face and my solutions were similar to those given to other parents by friends, family, and pediatricians. 

Now that I understand more about supporting our wellness naturally, I know I would have made different choices back then. Knowing that's impossible and that I made the best choices I could with the information I had at the time, I've turned my focus to making choices and changes that will benefit us the most from this point forward. 

Our big wakeup call and pivot point in the choices we make was a scary diagnosis for my husband.  It had us rethinking everything from the food we eat to the home and lawn products we use to the personal care products that we apply to our bodies daily. We realized that toxic synthetic chemicals were, bit by bit, building up in our bodies and causing a toxic overload that affected how our bodies function and kept us from living our best, healthiest lives. 

Understanding that we cannot avoid every exposure in our environment, we learned that we could drastically reduce toxic exposures by making different choices in the products we brought into our home. We read and research all the time to learn how to make those choices! 

All of the research we do can pay off for you because we want to share!  We want to help YOU make better choices so that maybe you won't get the same big wakeup call we got. Even if that sort of scary diagnosis was never in the cards for you, you can make small changes now that can add up to a drastic improvement in your wellness over time!

The choices you'll make are simple but the changes aren't always easy. We do have a couple "easy buttons" to share with you though! The first secret is to start slowly with the path of least resistance... making the simplest and easiest changes first and building on them as you go. 

When you're ready, I want to guide you through your journey. I have many great resources and I have the tools you'll need to determine where to start and how to make a doable plan to continue your journey. 

So... are you ready to begin right now? Your very first simple choice is to click below to get my guide called "5 Steps to Healthier Living". I'm excited to work with you and to see you succeed! 

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