The Power of Nature Inside Your RV: 10 Must-Try Products
Are you a proud owner of an RV who uses it to get out into nature? Don't make nature stop at the door of your RV - bring it inside! Some of the benefits of being in nature have to do with getting away from everything man-made, including the synthetic chemicals that have been proven to be toxic to us - especially when they're used and stored in small, closed-in spaces like our RV's.

I choose to use natural alternatives in my home, so why not carry that over into my RV? Here are some amazing ways I've found for you to incorporate my go-to brand of products, Young Living (click to learn why I shop here!), into your RV lifestyle, too:
1. Freshen the Air: Keep your RV smelling fresh and inviting by diffusing essential oils like Citrus Fresh, Purification, or Peppermint. Did you know that there are diffuser options that will not add moisture to the air in your rv? I can help you choose the perfect one for your needs. You'll be saying goodbye to those typical RV odors!
Restful Sleep
2. Restful Sleep: Diffuse Lavender, Peace & Calming, or Cedarwood in your bedroom area to promote a restful and rejuvenating sleep while on the road, no matter where you are. Need something more? Try SleepEssence capsules! 
Natural Cleaning
3. Natural Cleaning: Swap out harsh chemicals with Thieves Household Cleaner. This multi-purpose cleaner can tackle every surface in your RV, from countertops and floors to windows and bathrooms. No more harsh chemical fumes closed up in your rv! This one concentrated bottle of natural cleaner can replace several of your current choices, freeing up valuable storage space. 
Insect Repellent
4. Outdoor Protection: Enjoy bug-free adventures with Young Living's insect repellents like their ready-made Insect Repellent that also comes in handy wipes or a DIY bug spray made with Citronella, Lemongrass, or Peppermint essential oils. Need a recipe? I've got you! Click here to contact me. 
Motion sickness and digestive Support
5. Digestive Support: Long drives can upset even the healthiest of stomachs. Keep Digest & Cleanse capsules and DiGize or TummyGize (from the KidScents collection) essential oil blends handy to support digestive health and provide comfort after indulgent road trip meals.
Skin Soothers
6. Skin Soothers: Soothe sunburns or skin irritations with Young Living's Lavender essential oil, Lavaderm Cooling Mist, or Cool Azul Sports Gel for quick relief.
Energy from NingXia
7. Energy Boost: Staying alert on those long drives is essential for safety. Instead of reaching for energy drinks, opt for Peppermint or Citrus oils. Simply inhaling them or adding a drop to water can provide a natural and refreshing boost. Need something with a little more oomph? NingXia RedNingXia Zyng, and NingXia Nitro are some of my go-to supplements for energy! 
8. On-the-go Wellness: Pack Young Living's Thieves Waterless Hand Sanitizer to keep your hands clean without the need for water or harsh chemicals. Bonus hack: it soothes itchy bites, too! My simple daily immune support hack is to chew two Immugummies every day. Their main ingredients: elderberry + elderflower + lime essential oil with no added sugars will make a believer out of you! 
Relaxation Rituals
9. Relaxation Ritual: Create a spa-like atmosphere in your RV bathroom by adding a few drops of essential oils like Stress Away, Eucalyptus, or Joy to your bath or shower routine.
How to travel with oils
10. Travel-Friendly Essential Oil Kit: Make it easy to bring your favorite oils on the road with Young Living's smaller kits or create your own portable kit by filling sample-sized bottles with your favorites. 

I want to help you enjoy your RV adventures even more by enhancing your journey with the power of Young Living's essential oils and natural products! Contact me or click here to learn more. I can help you begin to pay for your orders by sharing with friends or even grow your love of a natural lifestyle into more - click here to see what it means to become a Brand Partner!
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