Hi! I'm AJ!

 I help the empowered woman overcome overwhelm so she can thrive while living the low-tox life she loves without having to spend another hour wading through articles and researching on the internet. 

How did I get here?   

My story is probably similar to yours or to that of someone you know... maybe you're in a different stage of life, but I believe you will see yourself somewhere in my story.  

How I Can Help
When you take the next step in your natural wellness journey by connecting with me, I get excited! You will, too, when you begin to read about what I've learned and you start acting on that information by making positive changes in your lifestyle. I have resources to share and tools we will use to customize your wellness plan. We'll make it simple and doable for you... step by step with no huge changes that will overwhelm you. 

I'm here for you: taking your hand to guide you and cheering you on all throughout your journey!

Where to next?
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