Hi,I'm AJ Flanagan and this is my story. 

I help the empowered GenerationX woman overcome overwhelm so she can thrive while living the low-tox life she loves without having to spend another hour wading through articles and researching on the internet.


My story.  

Picture this: I'm a GenX empty-nester, and this part of my story kicked off when I realized the products I grew up with weren't exactly my body's best friends – synthetic toxins, endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, the whole shebang. Our parents had no clue, and let's be real, neither did we. 

There's a poplar joke going around social media about how drinking water from the garden hose didn't kill us. It's funny, but is that true? We WERE fine, at least initially, but now I'm seeing diagnoses of thyroid dysfunction, cancer, hormonal issues, and more in way too many of my friends. Not that the hose water is the source of it all, it's just one of many sources of the toxins that we didn't realize were building up in our bodies. 

Armed with this newfound awareness, I'm on a mission to spill the tea.

Now, let's rewind a bit. I'm a married mom of three amazing grown kids. Back when they were little, my husband, Eric, and I shook things up by deciding I'd stay home. He was constantly traveling for work and we wanted our kids to have as stable a home front as we could create. Imagine a routine filled with love and a parent always waiting at home to greet them. Best decision ever... for us. 

Being there, knee-deep in their school and activities, was pure gold. If I'd been clocking in elsewhere, that would've been mission impossible, even if Eric wasn't a frequent flyer. No regrets there.

Fast forward again, and we get a scary diagnosis. Leukemia. It was Eric. Everything we learned about blood cells, cancer cells, bone marrow, and the immune system over the next few months had us leaning hard into everything natural wellness to complement the treatments his oncologist recommended. 

At the time of Eric's diagnosis, I had already been swapping out a few of our conventional products like air fresheners and household cleaners for healthier and more natural alternatives like essential oils, diffusers, and Thieves Household Cleaner from Young Living. So stepping it up a notch and adding things like natural vitamins and supplements, personal care items, and even sunscreen and insect repellant to my Young Living orders was a simple and natural step to take. The more we learned, the more we saw the need to take these steps to bring as few toxins into our home and lives as possible. 

We've become quite passionate about sharing the importance of this need for a more natural lifestyle and for showing people how Young Living helps fill that need. 

I want to guide you through your own journey. I have great resources and the tools you need to determine where to start. Together, we'll make a plan that will lead you down a healthier path than the one you may be on right now.  

So... are you ready to begin right now? Your very first simple step is to click below to get my free guide: 5 Steps to Healthier Living. You'll also be registering to be notified each time I publish a new blog article where I write about things that our generation is going to find useful, informative, and even funny.  I'm excited to work with you and to see you succeed! 

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